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'Fun' the main reason to get on two wheels says survey

Fuel and fares costs come lower on list of motivations

Earlier this week we reported how Sustrans interviewees on the National Cycle Network cited high fares and fuel costs as reasons to get on their bikes. A new survey says that the primary reason for heading out on two wheels however, is fun.

A new YouGov survey put 'fun' up op of the list of reasons to cycle, with 82 per cent saying it was a factor, followed closely by 'keeping fit' at 78 per cent. Saving money and environmental concerns came rather further down the list, at 39 and 29 per cent respectively.

As BikeBiz points out, the survey of 1089 cyclists in the UK costs £1,750 to read in full, and is aimed at retailers and manufacturers.

“While the tangible benefits of cycling, such as saving money, are acknowledged by the nationally representative group as motivations to cycle, it is clear that more could be done to promote the more ethereal aspects such as stress relief," YouGov SixthSense research director James McCoy told BikeBiz.

"Here, campaigns to encourage employees to try commuting by bicycle, say, for just a week would be ideal."


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