I'm a bit of a Brooks fan; usual reasons.  Recently I came to increase the tenson on my Swift (3-4 yrs old) and noticed the pin was bent.  Got a replacement pin and, after some significant 'grunt', managed to replace it.  Noticed my B17 Imperial (7 yrs old, poss older) on my commuter was making some creaking sounds and decided to take off the saddle and clean round the clamp.  The rails had completely sheared and the clamp was keeping everything in place.  Prior to using Brooks my saddles were usually replaced when the surface/padding starting to wear out, but the frame etc was always in good nick.  Saddles take a lot of wear, but I'd have expected Brooks to have been pretty bullet-proof.

I could get the B17 repaired; does anyone have any experience with the Brooks repair service (cost effective?)?


DaveE128 [996 posts] 6 months ago
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I have no experience of it, but you can get an estimate for repair here:


You can add photos if you want.

Bhachgen [118 posts] 6 months ago

I used the repair service about 3-4 years ago. Similar situation - rails had cracked. They gave me a quote online and then details of where to send it off to. Came back a few weeks later all fixed up. Seemed like a good quality job and given the price of a new one and the need to then wear that it I would say, yes it it worth it.

Sadly I ran over it with a minibus less than a year later so I can't comment on the longevity of the repaired saddle! Luckily it was just the saddle and I managed to miss the rest of the bike. Still pretty gutting all the same, as the saddle had been an 18th birthday present back in the early 90s.

Shades [387 posts] 6 months ago

Got in touch with Brooks; £55 to repair incl return postage, so quite reasonable.  Looking forward to seeing the refurbished saddle.