Man charged after cyclist videos cereal-eating driver

No longer bowling along having breakfast

by John Stevenson   November 25, 2013  

Police Scotland logo

A man has been charged after a driver was filmed apparently eating a bowl of cereal by an Edinburgh cyclist, Edinburgh police have announced.

As we reported earlier this month, YouTube user Raging Bike posted the footage after a ‘WTF’ moment as the driver passed him on a busy Edinburgh street.

In a tweet this morning from the Edinburgh Police account, the force said: “We have traced and charged a male following enquiries into a YouTube video of a male driving whilst eating cereal. #carelessdriving”

We’re waiting for more details from Edinburgh police, but if, as the tweet implies, the driver has been charged with careless driving, the maximum penalty is a £5,000 fine and 3-9 penalty points or even a driving ban - so if found guilty, he won’t do porridge.

At the time, police implied the driver would get a Frostie reception* from them. A police spokeman said: “Motorists are reminded to ensure they are in full control of their vehicle when driving and should not engage in any activities that can cause distraction or result in a loss of control.

“Anyone found driving inappropriately would be dealt with accordingly.”

(*Thanks to reader Guyz2010 for this terrible gag.)