Inaugural UK beach race is sold out but we've got a place on the start line up for grabs...

Well, not surprisingly due to the fact that the prize was hours of pain on a Welsh beach in March rather than a pile of shiny things, entries were a bit down for this'n.

But still some hardy souls put their names in the hat, and the hardy soul whose name got picked out was Hanneke. Congrats to them and sorry to all the other masochists who missed out. More schwag soon!


Beach racing is quite the thing right now. We had that VecchioJo try it in its native Netherlands back in December but now there's a UK option too: howies Battle on the Beach, taking place this March in Pembrey in South Wales.

If you haven't entered yet, then you're out of luck: it's already sold out, such is the appetite for this kind of thing right now. But you still might sneak in, because we've got one place to give away to one lucky reader. Just comment below and you're in the hat, we'll pick a winner at tiffin time on Monday, unless we forget, which, let's be frank, wouldn't be unheard of. Anyway. Enough commas.

Usual schwag grab rules apply. Along with the fact that you'll need to be available to go to Wales on March 16 to actually do the race, natch. Travel and accommodation and petrol and service station pasties aren't included. It's just your entry. Good luck!

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