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Well made semi-swept bars that offer a different feel to standard flats or risers

Gusset's stash bar is a swept bar with a shallow rise that gives a different position on an urban steed. I didn't find it better or worse necessarily, but it gives a more upright feel on a town bike without going to a full-on utilitarian swept bar like a Soma Oxford or similar.

The bar features a double bend, first arcing forwards at an angle of 15 degrees before a 50-degree bend back the other way, giving an effective sweep angle of 35 degrees. This is a lot more than a standard shallow riser, which tend to be in the three- to five-degree range. It means that the bars reduce the effective reach of the bike by an inch or so, sitting you up a bit more. The other effect is to place the steering centre of the bars closer to the head tube, so it's a bit like fitting a shorter stem; steering is a quickened up a touch as a result.

The hand position might suit you, and it might not. I found it pretty easy to get used to, and the angle of the bars means you can use the bigger muscles in your arms a bit when you're standing up on a climb. Not to the extent you can with a set of bar ends or bullhorns, but more than with a standard flat bar or riser. I also fitted the Stash bars to my XC mountain bike and quite enjoyed the slightly more upright position, although I found the angle of the bars a bit tiring on the wrists on longer rides.

So should you try it? If you're on a town bike that feels a bit to long, or slow in the turn - or you just want a slightly more upright position - then it's an alternative to just whacking on a shorter stem. The hand position is one you really need to try to see if it suits you, I know some people that swear by it and some that didn't get on with the wrist angle. It's also a viable alternative to a flat bar off-road.

The Stash bar is available in silver or black in 630mm and 680mm widths. It weighs a fairly reasonable 267g


Well made semi-swept bars that offer a different feel to standard flats or risers

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Make and model: Gusset Stash Bars

Size tested: Black - 630mm

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

Urban and light XC Back-swept bars.

Swaged 6061 alloy.

630mm or 680mm width options. 31.8mm stem clamp diameter. 22.2mm grip & lever diameter. 35 degree back sweep (15 degree forwards with 50 degree back).

Black or silver anodized.

Weight: 267g

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Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose

Pretty well. The different position that a swept bar gives you might suit and it might not; if you're not happy with your current bars then it's one to look at

Did you enjoy using the product? Most of the time

Would you consider buying the product? Yes for certain applications

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes if I thought it would help them out

Overall rating: 7/10

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