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Wahoo Speedplay Zero pedals

The Wahoo Speedplay Zero pedals have picked up where the old Speedplay Zeros left off with a few elements improved, a huge amount of adjustability, and a low stack height. They’re an expensive outlay, but given their increased cleat durability and walkability, the high price is justifiable.

Wahoo has taken what was good about the original Speedplay Zeros and built on them. The basics of the pedal system have remained the same, with most of the mechanics sitting within the cleat rather than the pedal. This means the pedals themselves are little more than notched discs.

Setting up the cleats does take a little longer than with other systems, but you’ll have them sorted in minutes. 

You first have a three-bolt plate with changeable inserts so it sits flat against the bottom of the shoe. You have a four-bolt system on top of this for the cleat itself – this allows you to position your cleat with precision. You can then change the float (up to 15°) using a hex key. Then all you have to do is add the walking cover, which both helps to keep you upright and protects the cleat.

Another big improvement is in the bearings. Gone are the days of the awkward ports to grease the non-replaceable needle bearings. Wahoo has updated the bearings, sealed both ends and even removed the ports, because greasing of these pedals is a thing of the past.

The Zeros are double-sided which makes it easy to clip in, and they hold the cleats very well.

This new design represents a genuinely excellent upgrade on already top-quality pedals.