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Vittoria Terreno Zero TLR G2.0 tyre 700x38

The Vittoria Terreno Zero TLR G2.0 is a slick gravel tyre that gobbles up tarmac and fine gravel but is capable of much more—it isn’t afraid to steer onto proper off-road. It’s robust and offers great puncture resistance.

The Terreno Zero is the slickest tyre in Vittoria's gravel range, with the Terreno Dry, Terreno Mix and Terreno Wet models offering increased tread patterns for more off-road and muddy conditions, but these are more versatile than their road and packed gravel designation would suggest.

The Zero uses a graphene compound in the rubber and features a 120TPI construction with a reinforced casing for improved strength, resistance and puncture protection. Real world experience would suggest all of this to be true.

The tread pattern is inspired by Vittoria's top-of-the-range Corsa road tyre, with a wide grooved slick central tread and slightly angled hexagonal knobs on the sides. That side pattern is meant to minimise resistance in the rolling direction, yet provide dependable bite when loaded in the corners and under braking, but it appears to be more of a homage to the pattern formed by graphene atoms than anything else.

Tyre pressure is quite crucial, with the sweet spot between feeling too firm and bottoming out on square edges quite defined—but if you’re running them on more level ground this will be less of an issue.

They're incredibly robust, so happily take crappy tarmac and potholes in their stride, romp over packed gravel paths and perform far better than you might expect on other rougher surfaces.