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Tailfin Carbon Suspension Fork Mount

The Tailfin Carbon Suspension Fork Mount is a smart, lightweight and strong way to add cargo capacity to a suspension fork.

For riders who want to go bikepacking on their mountain bike, the options to fit bags and carry everything you need can be limited to a frame or handlebar bag. This mount, which can fit almost any suspension fork to give you the ability to carry more, is very well made and a brilliant solution.

The carbon suspension fork mounts come as a pair, enough for one side of the fork. Fitting was quite simple, with the mount coming with different length bolts to fit almost any suspension fork on the market. But you'll need to grab a torque wrench as tolerances are quite low.

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Once a cage or cages are fitted, it feels incredibly secure, with no movement at all, even when riding off-road on rough sections. Recommended weight carrying capacities are 5kg for gravel riding or 3kg for trail riding, which is perhaps a more likely scenario given they are designed for mountain bikes. These would be ideal for carrying several full fluid canisters, a dry bag with clothing or a lightweight sleeping bag. When packing for bikepacking adventures, you would be surprised how much stuff it takes to reach 3kg, so this is not a limiter.