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Scribe Élan Wide+ 42-D wheelset


The Scribe Élan Wide+ 42-D Carbon Spoke wheels are sub-1400g all-rounders that bring a bit of aero assistance to a beautiful balance of stiffness and lack of weight.

The wheels feature 42mm-deep unidirectional (UD) Toray T700/T800 carbon fibre rims with a U-shaped profile. These have an external width of 30mm and a 21mm internal width, meaning that they suit road tyres from 25-32mm and could be used for light gravel duties too.

Scribe Elan Wide+ 42-D wheelset-4

Connecting the rims to the hubs are some fancy carbon spokes and inside the hubs you'll find Scribe's patented ratchet drive. This provides instant engagement which gives no slack whatsoever. If you like a subtle sound to your freewheeling activities, though, you might not be a fan as it's a little on the buzzy side.

Scribe Elan Wide+ 42-D wheelset-2

On the flat there is a little aero nudge. It's not as pronounced as a set of wheels with rims over 50mm deep, where you feel the benefits really start to take effect at just over 20mph, but it's enough to give you a bit of a boost on the straight sections, downhill, and to take full advantage of a tailwind.

Overall, there is very little to find fault with here. Scribe has used top notch components to create a performance package that delivers right across the board without any compromises.