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Repente Quasar saddle

The Repente Quasar saddle is light, very comfortable (given its lack of padding) and its flat profile is perfect for racier riding. Given its spec and the fact it's handmade in Italy, it's very competitively priced against the competition.

Repente's Quasar is well suited to riding hard and fast, with your saddle high and handlebar low, but unlike some racier saddles, which can be stiff and uncompromising, it's actually very comfortable – good enough, even, for endurance riding.

Its 260mm length is shorter than most standard saddles, but it's not super short, so you do get a bit more room to move around on than 'short' nose saddles. There’s only one width though, 142mm.

The rear section is quite generous, and though the cutout pressure relief channel is wide, it's more subtle than some examples out there.

Both sides of the cutout at the rear have a beautiful looking grippy texture, which helps to keep you locked in place. Though the nose isn't as short as some, it certainly doesn't get in the way when you're really tucked into a low aero position.

It also really flexes, and on the road this translates into a high level of comfort. It doesn't make you bob about when you're pushing hard, but it does appear to soak up most road imperfections.

Overall, the Quasar is a racy saddle that's very comfortable and exceptionally light for the price. There are plenty of good saddles at a lower price point, but the Repente Quasar can't be beaten when it comes to price per gram; you'll have to pay a lot more to get close to its 170g mark.