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Repente Artax GLM saddle

The Repente Artax GLM is a lightweight, high-performance saddle suitable for on and off-road use. It might look minimal but reviewer Matt Page found it to be extremely comfortable – one of the most comfortable saddles he has ever used.

The comfort-improving features of this saddle include an open central channel and what’s called the RLS (Repente Locking System) attachment design. Repente intended this to allow the base to be separated from the rails for possible replacement, but they claim comfort is also increased.

Our test saddle weighed 164g, making it lightweight but not as extreme as some very minimal road saddles.

The range of fore and aft movement on the carbon rails is excellent at 7cm, allowing for plenty of positioning options. Those rails are carbon, measuring 7x9mm, so check that it’ll fit your seatpost.

The flex in the saddle as a whole is evident. The shell has almost complete independent movement on each side of the base. This provides a superb level of comfort with the slightly scooped rear section holding you in the right position and the open channel reducing soft tissue pressure.

Repente Artax GLM saddle 2 RCCR

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One key feature is its transition from the forward leading edge of the wing toward the nose and the way the top rolls over in a smooth downward curve, as opposed to some more angular blunt-sided designs. This all helps to reduce rubbing while pedalling.

At £165 this is an expensive saddle, but if you are after a lightweight saddle and don't want to compromise on comfort the Repente Artax GLM is worth considering seriously.