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Pro Vibe Aero Alloy Handlebar

The Pro Vibe Aero Alloy Handlebar is a stiff, race-orientated option that looks great, with internal cable routing, and will save you a packet over carbon alternatives.

The Vibe Aero is comfortable to hold, whether you have your hands on the tops or drops. It's not the lightest bar, but it's high quality. Plus it features internal routing and looks the business.

As the name suggests, the Vibe Aero isn't a traditional round tube bar. Instead, the tops have a flattened profile that you can fit your hand around when climbing. Pro hasn't made any claims about how much quicker this bar will actually make you, but a bit of research shows that the equivalent of 7W can be saved at 30mph when comparing aero profile bars to round profile ones.


Yanking on the hoods when sprinting up sharp climbs reveals no discernible flex, nor is there when you are braking hard, transferring your weight through the handlebar. It's the same when you're down in the drops. This is a proper racer's bar!

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The Vibe Aero comes with a six-degree flare, providing an excellent compromise for getting the aerodynamic benefits of narrower bars at the hoods while retaining the control of a wider bar, useful when descending in the drops.

Overall, the Pro Vibe Aero is a really good buy. It looks excellent, performs admirably and is a great shape for both racing and training.