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Pro PLT Ergo Carbon Handlebar

Pro's PLT Ergo Carbon handlebar boasts a comfortable and ergonomic fit that excels on long, hard days on the bike. With its shallow drop and wide tops that extend nicely around the corner to just behind the hoods, it is a great place to rest your hands. You can also spend an awful lot more on a carbon handlebar.

The bar is made from UD T700 carbon, and that carbon has been laid up well. There is noticeably less road buzz than you'd find with an alloy handlebar on the same bike. Although it's not designed for racing, this is plenty stiff enough for muscling around sprinting or hoiking up a steep hill.

Where you really notice the difference is on longer rides. After a 170km gravel test ride, our tester's hands and wrists felt absolutely fine. And that was with some basic handlebar tape and no gloves to provide extra padding. Similarly, on road rides with narrower tyres, comfort levels are positively plush.

The reach is in keeping with that shallow drop, at a relatively short 73mm. The bar flares by 4 degrees, which equates to a centre to centre width of 44cm across the drops.

The flattened top section is 4cm at the deepest point, and curves around to just behind the hoods. This makes for super-comfortable hand positions all across the top.

Pro PLT Ergo Carbon Handlebar RCCR-3

Underneath the flats there is a channel that is wide enough to fit a cable outer and a hydraulic hose, tucking both out of the way effectively. The exit angle is well judged for a nice cable run onto the down tube without touching the head tube.

If you're looking for a carbon handlebar to reduce road buzz and provide some super-comfortable hand positions, this one should be on your list. Its weight is on a par with other comparable carbon bars, while its price is lower than many.