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Prime Comfort Handlebar Tape

The Prime Comfort Handlebar Tape is an excellent way to add a little more comfort to your road bike, while also getting a boost in grip. The tape wraps easily, is perfectly grippy in dry and wet conditions, comes with good finishing bits and easily beats similar tapes on price.

Alright, bar tape isn't the most exciting purchase that you can make for your bike, but it is one of the cheapest ways to freshen up the bike's front end and as it is the only thing on the bike that your skin contacts, it is an important purchase.

Prime's Comfort tape is cheap when compared to the likes of SuperCaz and Lizards Skins, but our tester, who is a big fan of a fresh roll of bar tape, thought that the Prime stuff lacked nothing when it came to performance.

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Wrapping this tape is easy. There's good stretch if you like to go a bit thinner, and for my 40cm round bars, there's plenty of length for a closely-spaced wrap for extra thickness.

The gel back is great for correcting mistakes, as while it grips the bar well, it comes away easily too should you notice a gap.

If you're looking for an upgrade but the price of the fancy tapes puts you off, the Prime Comfort Handlebar Tape is, erm, a prime candidate. It's thick, grippy, easy to wrap and holds up well.