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Pirelli P Zero Race 4S tyre

The Pirelli P Zero Race 4S tyres impress with their grip in mixed conditions, while feeling quick. If you want a summer tyre-like feel all year round, these are among the best options out there.

These clinchers feature a new nylon puncture protection belt under a 120tpi (threads per inch) casing, which in turn lives beneath the same SmartEVO rubber compound you get with Pirelli’s racier tyres for a summer-tyre feel.

That nylon belt adds some extra resilience over its P Zero Velo 4S predecessor without adding much weight. Pirelli has also remodelled the casing to optimally fit a 19mm internal diameter rim.

Compared to the ‘regular’ P Zero Race, the rubber on the 4S is marginally thicker to boost puncture resistance and longevity.

The SmartEVO compound is the real highlight, offering a massive amount of grip while providing a supple feel. You can really lean on them in the corners, and although they can't perform magic and provide as much grip in the wet as the dry, when the heavens open you get a good sense of surefootedness.

On a warm, dry day, the low weight and performance-oriented construction results in a quick-feeling ride. They’re not on the same page as the top-of-the-range P Zero clinchers for sheer speed, but they do a fine job of retaining much of the pace and quick handling characteristics that most look for in a ‘summer’ tyre.

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The obvious downside of a lighter, more flexible belt is the increased potential to flat, but reviewer Ash Quinlan had no punctures.

Pirelli’s P Zero Race 4S is about as good as it gets for a fit-and-forget year-round clincher road tyre, although tubeless fans will need to wait a little longer for this option.