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Panaracer GravelKing Slick TLC

The Panaracer GravelKing Slick TLC isn't actually a ‘gravel’ tyre as such, despite the name, but it excels in any kind of on-road/bad road scenario. It’s also light and has a seriously low rolling resistance for its width, which makes it a very fast tyre no matter the terrain. Puncture protection is also pretty solid.

This is an excellent tyre that’s ideally suited to a wide variety of surfaces. It might be gravel by name, but it’s at its best on rough roads. You get the ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) natural compound which offers low rolling resistance and low wear.

The light weight – 309g per tyre – can really be felt on the climbs. As for speed, they certainly feel fast and scores them very highly in this regard.

Reviewer Hollis Jones found fitting them on Hunt rims to be a bit of a nightmare. In the end, it took soapy water on everything and a pair of grippy rubber gloves to roll the tyre over the edge. Inflating them without inner tubes was no issue, though.

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The tread profile is minimal, with no pronounced edges to claw their way through loose stones or mud. On smoother surfaces like towpaths, though, they're perfect and just brilliant on any generally crappy roads. Loads of predictable grip gives you the confidence to attack without fear of coming unstuck.