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Mason X Hunt 650b Adventure Sport Disc Wheelset

The Mason X Hunt 650b Adventure Sport Disc Wheelset is a great choice for adding tyre volume and go-anywhere capability to your bike. With multiple axle and freehub options, a great build backed by a three-year warranty and decent parts supply, they earn their slight price premium over the competition.

The rim is a standard hooked design with a drilled and taped rim bed, while the spokes are triple-butted stainless steel J-bend, going from 1.6mm in the middle to 2.2mm at the corrosion-resistant brass nipple for extra strength.

The hubs are Centre Lock disc format, and Hunt will sell you a set of 6-bolt adapters for £20.

After about a 1,000km of mostly gravelly off-roading (and powerwashing after every ride), reviewer Mike Stead slid off the freehub to see nice fresh grease still coating the freehub pawls. Clearly the sealing is good, and maintenance – cleaning and greasing – is a quick, tool-free job.

These are 100% round wheels, didn't get less round during the test, and they stayed true and silent. They did the job without complaint or concern. The hub, with its four-pawl, 10-degree engagement always felt snappy when putting the power down, and the tubeless, pre-taped rim bed profile held different tyres just fine, even at low pressures.

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Hunt has hit the sweet spot in the middle of the 650b wheelset Venn diagram covering price, support and performance. Unless you're looking for the lowest possible weight, or deeper rims for 'aero' reasons, there’s no reason to look past the Adventure Sports.