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BORG31 Disc wheelset

The BORG31 Disc wheelset is handbuilt to deal with multiple disciplines of riding and covering 'huge mileage without the need for servicing'. These offer good overall performance, excellent stiffness and will take an absolute battering without flinching.

These unassuming wheels are great to ride. Looking at the 1,720g weight, you might wonder if they’ll be sluggish, but they really aren't. They feel much lighter in use.

By far the biggest positive is their stiffness. They feel tight, like nothing is being wasted, but with just a touch of forgiveness.

BORG31 Disc wheelset RCCR-3

The 24mm rim width works well with tyres from 25mm up to 40mm. The BORG31s can take on a bit of everything from road riding to cyclo-cross, gravel or even touring. They handled tough byways in testing, showing no signs of losing spoke tension or going out of true.

The hooked rims are compatible with both tubeless and clincher tyres, and they are supplied with tubeless tape fitted. Removing and refitting the 25mm tyres that came on these wheels saw no real issues.

BORG31 Disc wheelset RCCR-4

The BORG DX hubs are made by Miche to BORG's design. They use a large flange which reduces the braking loads on the spokes, and are fitted with 6083 SKF bearings, which Miche specifies to a tighter tolerance and with better sealing than normal.

The freehub uses a titanium core with an aluminium splined body. It has a 30-point engagement, and if you like a subtle click when freewheeling you'll be happy with the BORGs.

While the BORG31 Disc wheels might not look massively exciting, the combination of quality components and the skill of a wheelbuilder who obviously knows what they are doing means these are a joy to ride.