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Bontrager GR2 Team Issue TLR Gravel Tyre

The Bontrager GR2 Team Issue TLR Gravel Tyre is lightly treaded yet fast and light, and still robust enough to cope with pretty much anything you can throw under it. A great fit-and-forget tyre, as long as it's not too muddy.

Where the GR2 shines is in being a gravel tyre that can be taken pretty much anywhere; it has impeccable manners in a large variety of situations, without being a liability at any point.

Reviewer Jo Burt took them on every off-road surface you could imagine, from high-grade hardpacked gravel via wooded singletrack to rock-spiked dirt trails that would have been far better navigated on a mountain bike, and the only thing that ever held them back was volume – they come only in this 700 x 40mm size, but you do get the choice between full black or tan walls.

The GR2 is a swift tyre on tarmac, only struggling on really steep climbs when they feel pretty sticky.

The profile of the GR2 is well rounded with no square edges or sudden tread transitions, which means you can lean it over knowing that nothing weird is going to happen suddenly.

The shallow tread isn't designed for mud. The GR2 is an okay tyre if it’s just a bit puddly but isn’t great for anything properly muddy over prolonged periods.

The tyres come with Bontrager's Inner Strength casing that promises lightweight sidewall protection and it appears to work. That sidewall protection doesn't seem to affect suppleness either.

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Both tyres on test came in well under the claimed weight of 435g at 414g, which makes them light for this size of gravel tyre, and this contributes to their nippy character.