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#mycyclingweekend 12 - Through rain and shine, but mostly shine

So much for the return of rain, we had a mostly sunny #mycyclingweekend and it looks like most of you stayed dry too

We hope we didn't put too many of you off with our rather pessimistic forecast for this #mycyclingweekend's weather. Turns out it was rather lovely, eh?

Other than a couple of showery spells on Saturday evening, we rode through what was a fairly dry weekend down here in the South West. Sure it was a bit blowy, but it looked surprisingly summery elsewhere in the country too. Maybe we should stop taking the weather forecast so seriously, even if only through these turbulent spring months.

Anyway, loads of you got out and about through the typically sunny-but-windy British weather and shared your photos with us. We're still seeing strong turnouts on Instagram and Twitter, so keep up the good work.

The range in conditions can be seen in the photos that you sent in. Some of you took to the hills, others took a subterranean route, but all of you captured the joy of cycling brilliantly - and you can see the whole range by typing #mycyclingweekend into any of your favorite social media platforms.

Here are some of our favorites photos from this #mycyclingweekend:





Morning maintenance #mtbpigs #mycyclingweekend #mtb #mountainbiking #stravaphoto #stravaproveit

A photo posted by @trackandtrails on



Avoiding windy conditions isn't really an option for those of you who are deep in training. Here at we're not all in training mode, so you'll see a huge difference between Donald Munro's photo on Twitter, and the one that I took with my granddad over the weekend.

If you can't go over the hill, it's best to go through it.



Took my granddad through the Bath Two Tunnels Greenway on Saturday. #mycyclingweekend @road_cc

A photo posted by @elliotjohnston on


Once again, those of you further afield had a great weekend of riding too. As always, we're insanely jealous of those of you who are riding the mountains in Majorca. We're not quite as jealous of Instagram user jcuae777 who's riding through the blistering desert heat in Dubai. We wouldn't mind seeing the camels though.



Top of the Puig Major. #14kclimb #sorelegs #mycyclingweekend #achievment

A photo posted by Ciaran (@ciaran.cod11) on



Quick sit down, then home to the villa... #mallorca #cycling #roadbike #mycyclingweekend

A photo posted by @euanryan on




Riding into the sunset #mycyclingweekend #rollingshutter #sonyactioncam #dashcam #highway #cycling

A photo posted by Sergium (@sergium) on



No matter how hard you were riding or who you took out, it's always great to see you, our readers, having a great time out on your bikes.

So, keep the photos coming, and keep inviting us into your cycling lives, and on your #mycyclingweekend adventures.

Same goes next week, simply tag all of your photos, no matter where you post them with the #mycyclingweekend hashtag.

Happy riding.

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