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Parking : Driver vows to never return to Cornwall

Let's cheer up our heatwave conditions, impending power cuts, fuel bills and big freeze with a couple of silly season stories about drivers on holiday and their problems. 

Family vows never to return to Cornwall after racking up £760 in parking tickets over 12 days

Unapologetic Cornwall parking firm says tourist who racked up £760 in fines over 12 days must pay

I love the "push off then, emmet" comments on these stories, e.g.

CornishBornCornishBred4 DAYS AGO 

You’re not coming back to Cornwall 🥲🥲🥲 these are HAPPY tears!!!! Now how do we get rid of the rest you and stop you from coming down! Because I can assure you…. WE DONT WANT YOU HERE ANYWAY!


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