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fire engine stuck because of cycle lane


no, the fire engine is stuck because there is a car parked in the road, and then some more parked in the road on the other side. If those cars were on driveways, the fire engine could get through. On road parking creates problems for everyone, including the emergency services. No driveway or dedicated off road space= no car. Problem solved.  The ''stay at home mother'' states with her three kids she can't cycle as she has to do a big weekly shop. No you don't. You don't HAVE to do a big weekly shop. You choose to. If you go to the shop every two days, you could easily carry enough stuff back on a bicycle with panniers. If you have the kids with you, then use the bus and only buy enough for one to two days. The idea of needing a car just because you choose to buy enough items in one go for a week is stupid. People didn't do a big weekly shop in the 50's and 60's, they walked with a pram or got on the bus or cycled to the highstreet, bought their items, and went home. Why is it suddenly different?

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