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The steepest street in the world

So it appears that a 'street' in Wales is vying for the title of steepest in the world to take it from the other sheep shaggers ...

Eddie Bulpitt, a developer and consultant on geospatial information systems at OS, said the road rose 60 metres over its 350-metre length. He said: “The steepest five-metre section of road is a crampon, belay, rappel-needing, roped-on 46.30%. That’s steep.”

He continued: “However, the steepest 10-metre section [the crucial distance for the world record] is 39.25%.” Bulpitt added: “So, great test of the legs to cycle up and a test of nerves to keep braking to a minimum on the way down. Might need a few spare chains and brake blocks too.”

No ta!yes

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