Dear all,

I have a dilemma. Currently riding Cube Cross hybrid bike with front suspension. At 38 years I finally decided to buy my first road bike. Now the problem is of course sizing. I do not have any chance to try those bikes in person so I have to buy on-line. I am 5.10 (177 cm) with long legs and short torso. My inseam is 86 cm, even 87 if I really push it in my crotch 
I would like sportive bike with more relaxed position, because I would probably use this bike for 6 miles commute to work too (for 9 out of 12 months anyway..).

The first one which I like Cube Attain GTC PRO disc 2017, which is discounted for 40 %. Problem is, only size 58 and 60 left. According to Cube table 58 should be ok for my height, although on the top of the range. So 56 to 58.. I think with my long legs and short torso I should lean towards lower number right, so 56?

Second queston is, how about female bike? I found a lot of great deals and I do not see why for example I could not buy Rose bike, female version. The only difference I could find is seat (which I would replace anyway). On Rose bikes frame geometry looks the same. If anything what I found out is that female frames have shorter reach as women tend to have shorter arms. So this would then actually benefit me right? I have long legs and short torso so women geometry I think would be fine. I found one bike which I like and which has almost the same specifics as Cube attain mentioned above has in size 56..

I also found Eddy MerckX Montreal 74 for crazy bargain price, but on this one I am not so sure. Everything else looks good in size L, but seat tube is failry short. Like 4 cm shorter than on other bikes with same geometry.. This is not good right? It would mean I have to put seat very high, which would then make me lean on handlebars and made my position very low and racy, which I want to avoid.. I think handlebar cannot be raise that much higher and shorter stem would not help much either here.

thanks for advice guys.



guinom8 [22 posts] 1 year ago

Hi Tomaz26,


I don't think 5.10 would be 177cm. It is more like 155.5 cm.

I'm 6.10 (186cm) and I have been riding size 56 for over a decade.

I also have long legs and short torso. So few bikes, I had to shorten the stem in order to make the bike fit me properly.


Not entirely sure if you 155.5 cm or 177cm, either way, I would think a size 56 might be slightly too big for you, or will need some adjustments. Size 58 difinitely way too big for you size I would think.

Some brands would do size 55. I would recommend to reconsider your measurements to ensure you get a right size bike for you. Either a size 54 or 55 should fit you.

As it is your first bike, I wouldn't recommend you buying a bike online without riding one before hand to know the right size.

Maybe use Canyon website, in order to know what bike size would suit you. Then take the geometry of their bike and compare to the ones you want to buy.


I hope it helps.

bobbydazzler [24 posts] 1 year ago

5 foot 10 is 177.8cm, 6 foot 10 is 208cm.

I'm 5'10, with a 32inch inseam.  I think I have pretty average proportions and have had a Retul bike fit.  I used to go for 56cm toptube but now I'm on 54cm in most brands with a slightly longer stem than normal [110mm].  Given how you describe your dimensions I would look for something more like 54cm, as you can simply adjust the seatpost to a higher position to account for leg length [my saddle to centre of bottom bracket measurement is 730mm with 170mm cranks - sounds like your will be a bit higher due to longer legs].


But the key numbers are the stack and reach of a frame.  If I were you I would invest the time to visit a bike shop and ask if you can just sit on a couple of bikes.  It's likely they'll give you some guidance on size too.  If you can, also make a note of the stem length and crank length.  If you find one that feels right, when you get home look it up online to find out what the stack and reach figures are, then that can form the basis for comparing with the bikes you are considering.  I've had to unfortunately cross out lots of bikes that just wouldn't fit me!


Best of luck in your exciting search!

guinom8 [22 posts] 1 year ago
bobbydazzler wrote:

5 foot 10 is 177.8cm, 6 foot 10 is 208cm.


I apologise for my mistake above. I compared 5 foot 1 to 6 foot 10. However I should have compared 5 foot 10 to 6 foot 1.


Thanks for pointint it out  @bobbydazzler.