Anyone know of 130mm track hubs with chainline 50mm from centre please?
Sorta need one. Preferably 32 hole.


CXR94Di2 [2161 posts] 6 months ago
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surly mention 47.5mm chainline

you could see if different spacers are available or have some made

it would be easier to add remove spacers on the crankset bottom bracket if it's a threaded version to get desired chainline

Boatsie [230 posts] 6 months ago

Thank you, I didn't think to move chainwheel inwards. Arms are in, I guess I could space chainwheel yet already having about 3-5mm spacing I am skeptical.
I think it is just as easy yet cheaper to buy whole bike.
Any suggestions? All I can think of is a high bottom bracket. I had ordered 1 but they took my money and a month and then I read that money was refunded yet bank doesn't agree.
The donor bike still perfect as a hub drive yet I wouldn't recommend to anyone to fix a 130mm axle slot. I'm finding the rule of 3 working well.
Cheap, quick, quality. Pick 2.
Sitting on this one a few seasons hoping cheap and quality become of this.
Thanks regarding crank info.. That might work.

Roadie_john [86 posts] 6 months ago
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Any track hubs will fit 130- you just need two 5mm spacers or 10mm worth of M10 washers... of the chain line is wrong, get a wheel builder to re/dish the wheel. Usually chainring on inner side of a double chain set works out fine...