Video: On board with Team Sky as Tour de France heads into London

Shimano cameras on Bernie Eisel and Geraint Thomas's bikes for last day of Tour's visit to Britain

by Simon_MacMichael   July 10, 2014  

TdF 2014 S3 Team Sky bike cam YouTube still

This may just be one of our favourite pieces of bike-cam footage yet – on-board with Team Sky on Monday’s Tour de France Stage 3 from Cambridge into the heart of London.

The film is shot with Shimano CM-1000 Sport Cameras attached to the bikes of Geraint Thomas (front facing) and Bernie Eisel. There’s some glimpses of Chris Froome, with the number 1 on his back –now missing from the race following his abandonment yesterday.

It’s nice to see Richie Porte engaging in a bit of joking with riders from other teams, showing it’s not all serious business all day long in the peloton; how could it be when you’re spending so much time in proximity over three weeks, including with riders who will be training partners or former team mates?

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Fantastic vid,Interesting to see the guy getting hit by Lopez at 51sec He really was well off the kerb.

posted by Ratfink [55 posts]
10th July 2014 - 17:36


Great vid, can't wait to see the video on the Champs Elysees (if any rider has a camera onboard.....)

posted by FlatBattery [26 posts]
10th July 2014 - 17:53


Great video, but please stop putting bad club music on every cycling video. Please.

posted by gummo [17 posts]
10th July 2014 - 20:20


We need this viewpoint on the TV coverage as soon as possible, so much more exciting and you can see so much more of how the riders interact.

posted by drfabulous0 [407 posts]
10th July 2014 - 21:26


I can almost see myself on the Olympic corner!

posted by Colin Peyresourde [1625 posts]
10th July 2014 - 22:02


What is this compulsion to ruin great footage with music?

Gravity - it won't let you down.

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posted by bigmel [105 posts]
11th July 2014 - 9:29


Awesome, and absolutely the way forward in TV coverage. So much potential - in fact, I think I'll explore it in a blog article
Blog and GoPro videos

Suffolk Cycling's picture

posted by Suffolk Cycling [73 posts]
11th July 2014 - 14:56


I mailed David at Sufferfest this morning, he's just replied to confirm that yes, these vids will be turning up in ridiculously hard workout vids soon, complete with native sound where available. Result!

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3724 posts]
11th July 2014 - 15:37


Music. Bad.

posted by mikeot [1 posts]
12th July 2014 - 16:04