New SPD shoes came with steel shims - do I use them?

by PJ McNally   June 28, 2014  

So, my new SPD shoes came with these little steel plates. Some shoes I've bought in the past have had them, and some haven't. These shoes come with a thin set and a thicker set.

Are they supposed to go between the sole and the SPD cleat? If so, does anyone use them and why? (I'm genuinely ignorant, and have always bolted my cleats directly to the sole with no problems. In fact the metal cleat "bites" nicely into the plastic sole, with probably wouldn't happen with these).

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You need them to adjust the cleat height sometimes, as the sole comes into contact with the pedal. I couldn't get my Look Quartz cleats to connect until I added the thin shim, for example.

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posted by drmatthewhardy [587 posts]
28th June 2014 - 17:01


thank you - so i only use them if my cleats aren't working otherwise? That's good to know.

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posted by PJ McNally [602 posts]
28th June 2014 - 21:11