Ultegra Di2 Front Derailleur not going into adjustment mode

by Cyclosis   April 14, 2014  

Hi Folks,

Wonder if anyone can help me, or has had a similar problem.

I have a 6870 front derailleur that doesn't want to go into micro adjustment mode, when I click either of the left shifters (having pushed the button on junction A) it doesn't micro adjust, the red light just flashes on the junction box.

I can't find any thing in the documentation, nor anywhere on the web, about the junction light flashing or an error or anything.

Otherwise it all works and shifts fine. Strange! It also had been micro adjusting fine up until yesterday too.

Anyone had any similar problems?



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All of the front derailleur adjustments are mechanical, using the limit screws on the body of the unit.

Here's a helpful vid:


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posted by Dave Atkinson [7830 posts]
14th April 2014 - 11:46


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply, but that video is for the 6700. I'm using the newer 6800 which does have electronic adjustment.

It was working fine until yesterday, now all I get is the flashing red light, which isn't mentioned in any of the documentation.


posted by Cyclosis [55 posts]
14th April 2014 - 14:56

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Don't know if you've already come across this but someone on one of the tri forums had probs getting his FD to micro adjust too. The OP didn't follow up so don't know how things turned out but they referred him to pages 57-58 in the Shimano manual for doing micro adjustments.


Here's the tri forum thread too if that helps


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posted by movingtarget [142 posts]
14th April 2014 - 16:50

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Ah! That Tri forum one is a helpful link, thanks! I'll see if any of the advice there helps.


posted by Cyclosis [55 posts]
15th April 2014 - 8:54


The battery needs charging? When the battery gets depleted only the rear derailleur works.

posted by wellcoordinated [173 posts]
15th April 2014 - 21:05