Engrish - Warning, bad language

by notfastenough   March 26, 2014  

Some of these are hilarious, but best avoided if you're easily offended. Don't say you haven't been warned!


Admins: hopefully this doesn't breach any rules etc, apologies if so, I'll understand if you feel the need to remove the link.

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Cheers! Just laughed so hard I've hurt myself. Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor

posted by levermonkey [610 posts]
26th March 2014 - 21:05


Definitely some good ones on there Big Grin

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posted by cidermart [493 posts]
26th March 2014 - 22:01


I very nearly exploded! Rolling On The Floor

"Exit Racist Park"!

And, anyway, in my job I get to read stuff that's equally as funny from people who ought to know the English language somewhat better....

posted by Jimbonic [137 posts]
27th March 2014 - 1:38

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That poor duck! Brilliant stuff!

posted by fullers1979 [44 posts]
27th March 2014 - 8:31

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I work with Chinese colleagues in Beijing every day.

Unfortunately, they never say anything funny like this.

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posted by Gizmo_ [1249 posts]
27th March 2014 - 17:30

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