Why are such people still allowed on the roads?

A man from Liverpool accumulated 45 licence penalty points in November, according to figures released by the DVLA following an IAM freedom of information request. The points were all for failing to disclose the identity of the driver or exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road, between 01 October 2012 and 20 June 2013. This beats the previous record of 42 points.


Shades [349 posts] 4 years ago

I call them the 'getting away with its'. Road safety, tax, law, benefits etc; there's always someone getting away with it. Numerous cars drive past you and you wonder how they passed an MOT. Unless the authorities 'grow some b#ll#cks' it won't change; all under the 'far too difficult' category.
I was pulled over in the USA (Georgia) a few years ago for going slightly over the speed limit. The policeman scrutinised my licence and picked up on the fact that I had 3 speeding points that had long since expired. Ticked me off for not getting my licence updated. I was slightly speechless and promised to sort it out on my return to the UK. Mind you, a friend of mines over there for a few years and won't go out road cycling as the general opinion is that cyclists don't pay road tax and shouldn't be there. Nowhere's perfect.

mrmo [2096 posts] 4 years ago

Do you really need to ask?

Driving is a right, it doesn't matter how bad you are or how far you have to driver to get to the shops. 100metres is along way after all!

We can't possibly ban people from driving.

Or more seriously.

You can ban someone as many times as you like but how are you going to stop them driving? Police you say? Can't have Police stopping innocent drivers. Police should be doing real policing, like dealing with burglaries, murders, that sort of thing.

thereverent [455 posts] 4 years ago

What are the Magistrates who allow this thinking?