Having just placed my first order on their new online service I am possible tempting fate by writing this piece but I just wanted to say how much I love Decathlon!

Some cycle snobs may think this statement is mental but I have nothing but praise for them in general and even in a cycling context.

Forget the clothing that keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer, although that is most welcome.

In a cycling application you can't beat their entry level machines and I should know, when I came back to cycling I used one for training and time trialling.

Yes, there were sniggers on the start lines as I rocked up on a machine badged up with the name of a discount sports superstore but it didnt phase me one bit. That bike is five years old and despite selling it on to a mate, I know it is still going strongly and is being enjoyed.

My winter jacket from there was £27.99 about four winters ago and despite not being a sleek racy cut or sporting as many features as something from Assos or Rapha keep the cold and wet out... these things are important to me !

I have even ridden in a B-Twin (their new cycling brand) helmet for three years now and found it airy and strong (£35.99 was its cost).

My advice to anyone thinking about going to one of their stores but feeling a bit of shame or apprehension is to give them a try.

Its worth it for the £7.99 fleece offer !

If only they could fix the weather, it looks like a turbo heavy weekend of cycling for me again...




James has been blogging for road.cc for 5 years and racing bicycles (averagely) for 20 years. 


Simon_MacMichael [2513 posts] 8 years ago

Been a big fan of Decathlon ever since the late 90s when I regularly holidayed in the Pyrenees at the ex's parents who had retired there, Irish family, very into horses, so I got kitted out for learning to ride there for next to nothing (horse I rode on was called Spartacus - nowhere near as fast as Cancellara, though)

Couldn't believe it when they opened in Surrey Quays, down the road from us when we lived in London.

First birthday present I bought my missus was a bike from Decathlon  4

The day it got nicked (together with mine) in Broadway Market, after we'd recovered them both at Brick Lane a couple of hours later (now there's a story...) the wife told me that me buying her that bike help prove I was "the one" because I was showing that I was thinking ahead to weekend spent out and about on our bikes together...  4

jezzzer [329 posts] 8 years ago

i heart decathlon too ... last trip to france i came back with a cycling jacket for the missus, quite smart in black and pink, with unzippable sleeves to convert to a gilet, in their sale inexplicably reduced €30 to €6. and she loves it  1