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Strength training for cyclists

Since the early 2000's, cyclists have started to understand the vital role that strength training plays in keeping us healthy, riding strong, and enjoying our time out on the bike more; but a lot of cyclists fall down on making their programme cycling-specific. Think it's all just squats, squats and more squats? Think again! To guide you through a bespoke strength training programme that will improve your cycling, we've enlisted the help of leading coach Menachem Brodie of Human Vortex Training. Through a series of five articles and videos, Menachem will talk you through each exercise with demonstrations showing you how to nail them with perfect form, and explain why the routine is beneficial. 

The programme:

- Is year-round 
- Will address common weaknesses cyclists have
- Won't leave you sore after each workout 
- Will help you move and feel better

Enjoy the series... here's to fitter, faster and stronger cycling!