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SKS Chromoplastics Mudguard Set 65mm 28

The new super-wide SKS Chromoplastics Mudguard Set 65mm 28 perform faultlessly, significantly reducing the amount of muck and road spatter that would otherwise end up on both you and your bike. They’re tough, high-quality and offer great protection, with a five-year guarantee and widely available spares adding to the package.

These are about as well thought out as any mudguards around. They're available in a wide range of sizes, and most are available in silver as well as black.

The front mudguard comes with SKS's Secu-Clip 'break-away' fittings, a safety feature designed to release the mudguard if something gets jammed between it and the tyre.

SKS Chromoplastics Mudguard Set 65mm 28 RCCR 3

A feature we hadn't come across before is the new rubber SKS end cap that fits not just over the end of the stays but also loops around the nut that secures the stay to the mudguard, keeping them secure and your shins cut-free.

This does mean that the mudguards take a little time to set up as you will almost certainly need to take a hacksaw to the 3.4mm-thick steel stays.

Once fitted, they were pretty much faultless. The front mudguard has a rear flap for even greater protection while the rear is shaped to keep it away from your chain or chainguard.

SKS Chromoplastics Mudguard Set 65mm 28 RCCR 1

The mudguards stayed secure and silent over some very poor surfaces. They come with a five-year guarantee and every single SKS nut, bolt, widget, end cap, Secu-Clip and stay is available as a spare part.