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Further Adventures in Rough Stuff: The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archive Vol 2

What was off-roading like before gravel riding, bikepacking and mountain biking? The RSF has the answer: still possible

Further Adventures in Rough Stuff provides another tranche of images that capture the exploits of Rough-Stuff Fellowship members. Long before it was fashionable, these intrepid cyclists were undertaking trips that were not always advisable on a bike, and fortunately plenty of it was captured on film (or even slides).

This book, and the previous volume, provide us with the opportunity to marvel at their achievements, and understand the challenges of off-road cycling 'back in the day'.

Never is the old adage of 'a picture being worth a thousand words' more true than it is here: the book is primarily about its pictures.

Alongside the pictures are a few ride reports and articles of the time, which tend to be about anything but the bike – and only serve to confirm what the pictures suggest: that their bikes accompany them to some pretty amazing places, regardless of the challenges in doing so. 

Challenges such as navigation, terrain, weather – still they keep going, and look like they are enjoying themselves.

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This is a great opportunity to view images that you are unlikely to see anywhere else.