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Green Oil Wet Chain Lube

Green Oil's Wet Chain Lube is an excellent long-lasting lube that keeps faff and mess to a minimum. It is an exceptionally good barrier against water, dirt and corrosion, seriously reduces maintenance, and is kind to the planet. The price is good too, and the applicator is well designed. There's really nothing to dislike here.

Green Oil makes the bold claim that one application lasts 125 miles, or even more. Using it in heavy rain, muddy roads, and with plenty of salt around after some frosty mornings, we found this to be true. 

Green Oil's Wet Chain Lube has a slightly matt sheen and (after a while) a semi-dry consistency that really is tenacious, yet it's remarkably resistant to contaminating so badly you have to strip it all off and reapply. A welcome knock-on effect is that you get through a lot less degreaser.

This makes Green Oil's Wet Lube particularly good for commuter bikes, gravel bikes, or road bikes on multi-hour rides through the worst conditions.

This impressive tenacity is said to be thanks to N-Toc, a refined plant extract with similar long-chain molecules to petrochemicals – but there are no petrochemicals in Green Oil at all.

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The product is totally biodegradable, packaged in recycled plastic, and your bottle can be refilled at a small (10-20p) discount by selected bike shop dealers. The ingredients are sustainably sourced, so Green Oil isn't simply passing the ecological impact up the supply chain.