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Giant Recon HL 350

The Giant Recon HL 350 is a brilliant front commuter light, delivering a decent level of brightness, good run times and fast USB charging in a compact lightweight package.

The full-power beam is sufficient for me to see even on dark roads, but it really comes into its own in towns and suburbs. The beam is nicely average – neither narrow nor wide – giving good visibility to a decent distance. The flashing modes are ideal for daylight, too.

Run time is convenient for commuting, plus the claimed 1.7 hours on full power was, at least during my test, reliably more like two hours. The lowest steady mode (100 lumens) does more like six hours. Flashing modes take it up to about 12 hours.

Add to that the rather speedy 2.5 hour recharge time and you've got a light that is ideal for office commutes.

This is an incredibly easy light to fit. The simplicity makes it perfect for commuting – leaving lights on when you stop is often not an option. Despite this, it's a sturdy attachment too, and a good size for cluttered bars.

The HL 350 is a supremely well-designed, user-friendly commuter light that ticks all the boxes – and is good value for money too.