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Galibier Regale Ultra Optics

The Galibier Regale Ultra Optics are cheaper than most cycling glasses, and provide crystal clear and uninterrupted vision. The fit is great, and they're comfortable too.

Reviewer Stu Kerton found that there was just enough pressure from the arms to keep the Regales in place but not enough to cause discomfort, and the nose piece is easily adjustable for the perfect fit.

Five different lens options are available and we used three of them: the Gold Plasma, the Red Plasma and the Photochromic. The clarity of all was great, giving a pristine field of vision even on the curve of the lenses.

The Red Plasma and Gold Plasma lenses are great for brighter conditions while the Photochromic lens is ideal for those days where the weather can't make its mind up. As the sun comes out, they darken but in a way that is barely noticeable, and they cope well with quick changes in light, such as when riding under trees or into a tunnel.

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Overall, these are great glasses; they're well made and offer great clarity of vision, all for a bargain price.