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Being Gary Fisher And The Bicycle Revolution by Gary Fisher with Guy Kesteven

Some might question why a book called Being Gary Fisher is featured here: surely he is of more interest to mountain bikers? Well, Fisher was also an accomplished road cyclist, is an advocate of utility cycling, has a major role in the industry, and is an all-round 'cycling visionary'. Here’s a rare chance to hear from a true legend of the sport and the industry.

Like many others of his generation, Fisher started his cycling career on the road – because mountain biking hadn't been 'invented' yet. However, 'going off-road represented mechanical as well as mental freedom', and there were many around him doing the same thing.

Fisher gives us the story of the development of the mountain bike from his perspective: 'pretty soon it was clear modifying existing bikes was always going to be really limiting', and from those small beginnings an industry was born.

It is rare for a businessman to be quite so open and honest as Fisher about what he got right or wrong, and this is what makes the book stand out so much that reviewer Richard Peploe gave it a rare ten out of ten.

This is not a regular biography, which is fitting, because Fisher is not your typical cycling personality. He has stories to tell and is happy to air his views – about cycling, racing, business and, of course, mountain bikes.

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Overall, this book is a sublime read with Fisher’s individuality is reflected in all aspects of an unusual biography.