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BBB T-RexGrip

Excellent sprocket pliers for the home mechanic, the T-RexGrip makes it easier to remove cassettes, and to fit them to wheel-off indoor trainers. If you find conventional chain whips a bit fiddly, this is a straightforward alternative that's worth paying a bit more for.

This tool is dead easy to use. Open it up with the thumb lever and let it close round a sprocket, fit your lockring tool and away you go. An arrow on the handle also helps you make sure to orientate it the right way so it's working against the lockring tool.

It's long enough that there's plenty of leverage even for lockrings that have been tightened enthusiastically and left to get deeply attached to their freehub bodies.

The T-RexGrip's advantage over a conventional chain whip is that it's easier to position the handle so it's in a convenient place to provide resistance when you turn the lockring.

It's also less likely to slip than a chain whip because it's grabbing the sprocket from two sides and held in place by your grip.

BBB says the T-RexGrip will hold onto sprockets with between 11 and 26 teeth, and cassettes with 7 to 12 sprockets. Reviewer John Stevenson used it on a selection of 9, 10 and 11-speed cassettes and found it worked really well, firmly grabbing the sprocket in each case.

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The BBB T-RexGrip is a lot better than a standard chain whip at a sensible price, making it ideal for the home mechanic.