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Worthy wheelset upgrade for my bike?

I currently have a Bianchi Aria 105 Disc and I am looking forward to getting either the Campagnolo Bora WTO45 or the Campagnolo Bora One. I am in huge dilemma with myself whether this is a worthy upgrade having in mind that I have a "mid-range" frame with "lower-end" groupset and spending around 2k on wheels? The pros are that I can use the wheels on further bikes/frames and that I have zero issues with the 105 gearing so far. What are your thoughts on this ? Also some other factors are that there's nothing in between and I can get the campys with some local discount in a local shop, whereas for other wheels would pay maybe 300-400 less but would have to order them and pay taxes and all shipping so the price might get equal.

Also bonus question, if anyone have ridden one of those wheels or better both would love to hear your opinions/comparison  1


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