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Which Hybrid/Flat Bar Gravel for around £700 Pre-owned?

Hello All,

I'm looking for some advice from people that ride bikes on what my next one should be. What would you lot suggest?

I want to move from my current 2019 Cannondale Bad Boy 4 to either a flat bar gravel bike or a hybrid capable of the same riding. I'm looking at the pre-owned market as a way to get the best from my circa £700 budget. The bike needs to have full hydraulic brakes and weigh in at under 11kg (the lighter the better!)

My reason for wanting to change is that the Cannondale is a Lefty solid fork. It and the frame of the bike are chunky and have very little give in them. I do think that a better Hybrid/Gravel bike with a normal carbon fork should have a lot more give/compliance in it. As long as it can take tyres 47 tyres, or near on that, I would hope I would get a better riding experience (with some gloves!). I'm not looking for MTB levels of comfort on the woodland trails and gravel paths I ride on. More like something between what I have now and an MTB.

Thanks in advance.

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