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Wet tyres


I've been running tubeless on my 2 main road bikes for the last couple of years.

At christmas I took the front tyre off to look at the inside and it had retained a lot of its fluid. The inside of the tyre was covered with what looked like a film of rubber.Well i refitted the tyre, blew it up and added another 60ml of sealant. Because of the state of the front tyre, I left the rear one fitted. I checked the sealant level with a small wooden dipstick and topped it up. Recently though, I've noticed quite a few "wet " patches appearing on the outside of the tyre. The patches dont feel sticky - feels more like water and not really smelling of sealant. Not sure what these are unless I've had multiple punctures and it is the residue of the sealant seeping out leaving the latex inside. The pressure doesnt seem to be much down at all - just natural loss.

1. What do you think is going on?

2. What should I do - leave it and keep running? Take the tyre off and look in the inside to see if that gives any clues? Fit a new tyre ( Hutchinson Fusion about 1500 miles on it? Or clean it out and stick a tube in it?

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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mark1a | 9 months ago

1. Possibly the tyres had some punctures which were sealed, and maybe still had tiny thorns, flints, glass, etc in there. Removing the tyres has potentially disturbed the holes and the sealant plug and/or foreign object debris has fallen out. Reinflation has subsequently pushed fluid through the hole and resealed. 

2. I wouldn't bother with a tube, pump it up and see how you go, possibly remove the tyres again and clean out any solidified sealant and refill. 

YMMV etc. 

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