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Virtual Tour De France - Hit or Miss?

I watched both races of the first stage of the VTdF yesterday hoping for something that would satisfy my racing needs but I was sadly disappointed. For me, it was lacking the tension and jeopardy of real bike racing. Bike handling skills aren't necessary on Zwift and, while it is a team competition, I couldn't see how teams were working together during the race. And then there are the power-ups...

The virtual world of Zwift can help to make potentially dull indoor training rides more interesting for the rider. I'm not sure that it makes it a spectator sport. I want to see the suffering on the riders faces and, for me, there wasn't enough of the real riders suffering.

Perhaps it's unfair to compare the two but this is being staged during the time when the TdF should have been taking place. The organisers obviously assume the audience must be transferable and they are probably right in some respect, but it's not grabbed me so far.

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