Toe overlap - small bike frame

My wife has a older Specialized mountain bike that she uses for family rides. Now the kids are getting older, I thought I'd try to get her into road cycling by getting her a gravel bike, which can be used for family trails with the kids but also some road rides.

I've bought her a second hand Felt VR40 road bike which I thought I could slot in my carbon wheels should she want to ride on the road, but I've hit a problem. I've bought her a small frame (51cm) as she is 5ft 6, but she is encountering significant toe overlap which she hates. We ride quite slowly with the kids and she feels unstable as she keeps hitting the front wheel.

I'm resigned to the fact that I need to sell the VR40, but I'd like to get her a comfortable bike that is quicker than an old mountain bike. Would a slacker angle (more relaxed) bike reduce this problem?

I've never really encountered this problem as I'm 6ft and I ride large frames (Ribble CGR Ti and Gran Fondo).

Does anyone have any suggestions on bike I could get her that would enable her to dabble in road cycling as well as riding fire trails with the kids.

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