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SRAM Rival Hydraulic Lever / Shifter problem

Hello everyone,

My 11 speed SRAM Rival set-up wasn't shifting properly. It seemed likely down to cable problems so I set about replacing the inner and outer cable. However... having removed the existing inner cable, the new cable simply won't route through the shifter. It passes through the red plastic part of the shifter mechanism (in which the cable head seats itself) fine, but something seems to be blocking it from going any further through the shifter, so it won't emerge out of the top in order to be guided into the first section of outer cable on the handlebar. The shifting mechanism seems to be working fine. I've removed the plastic plate on the inside of the lever that's held on by three small screws, to expose the shifter mechanism.

So, my main concern is to remove the shifting mechanism from the lever body. That way I can see if the apparent blockage is anything I can remove or otherwise sort out. However, I can't work out how to do this! It seems to be a pretty straightforward operation SRAM'S non-hydraulic levers, but not so on the hydraulic ones! I can't find anything online about how to do it. It seems to be a long pin that retains the whole mechanism. This pin moves freely enough it seems, but I've no way to pull it out. It seems that on non-hydraulic levers you push it out form the other side, but there's no way to gain access to do this on my lever. Has anyone done this and is able to offer advice? Or point me towards any online tutorials? Thanks in advance!

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