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Schwalbe TLE sidewall leak

Am I the only one seeing just one section of a new Schwalbe G-One Allround TLE (700x38c) leaking?

I just fitted a new pair and had to resort to a bath to find the reason for losing about 1 bar a day (suspecting valve seal or tape problem).  The other one is just fine, but it's just this section of the sidewall on this one that is leaking in this way (checked all the way around incl. valve area).  Both tyres have 100ml of MucOff sealant in them, and have been well spun/shaken.  This video is taken 5 days after the job (so sealant should have done it's work by now).

I have emailed Schwalbe for an opinion. But, I can now understand why some people find tubeless straight-forward and others not.  Without doing this test in the water bath I too would have had to resort to re-taping and assuming I did something wrong.

Anyone trying this rim/tyre combination will find it tricky (Fulcrum Racing 900 DB).  I was lucky to have a compressor, and even then I had to take out the valve core.  The beads just naturally sit in the well of the rim .  Took a lot of fiddling and luck to get enough air in, at enough speed, to get them both to hop onto the rim.  When doing this the "messless" way and adding sealant via the valve, both tyres unseated themselves when deflated (one from both sides and one from only one one side).  I then had the same hassle again getting them to pop back out of the well and onto the rim.  Maybe they need packing differently in future?  If I get a flat or loss of significant pressure before these tyres adapt to their new natural profile (which I hope they will) there is no way I'd get them back on at the roadside with a hand pump - even if I can get the puncture plugged.

Oh, and by the way, Fulcrum Racing 900 DB rims and SRAM valves are not a good mix.  I had to find some rubber seals from a MucOff set that I hadn't used, as the SRAM supplied options were all the wrong profile.  I only bought a SRAM set as the MucOff were out of stock.  There needs to be more focus on standardisation of valve/rim fit.

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