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“Prepare for a change of course”

Help! My IPad is malfunctioning and some pro Brexit bot is putting this wretched slogan into my background. Maybe if I subscribe to,Brexit will dissolve away?

Or rather don't [prepare] because with 3 months to go, we have very little idea whether we're sending two pumps and a support unit to this car crash, or whether we need mutual aid from the next county and an extended response. 

I'm fresh from a local newspaper letters/comment column dust-up: headline "why, oh why can't the remoaners accept the referendum result?" 

"OK, tell me why you think UK life will be better after Brexit?"

[murmurings about freedom and you have no right to say Brexit voters were wrong]

and there it it ends.

I've never claimed the EU is perfect, but why would you vote to slow and disrupt the economy for years, make a load of things more expensive and time consuming? Is it now just a matter of your stubbornness even keeping us in this at all?



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