Practicalities for E-Bike puncture repair

My mum's recently purchased an e-bike. It's great and she absolutely loves it. However, in common with many e-bikes it's fairly heavy, which got me to thinking about the practicalities of how she'd replace an inner tube if she punctured whilst out cycling. She's got the know-how to do it, but it'd be a struggle to turn the bike upside-down to remove either of the wheels. Nor do I think it would be practical to lift up either the front or the rear of the bike with one hand, whilst removing the wheel with the other. I thought that perhaps some sort of block / device to put under the BB shell to raise the front or back wheel might work, and so long as it wasn't ridiculously heavy it wouldn't be a problem for her to carry it in her panniers. Does anyone know of any such device? Or have any other ideas? (I may well be missing some really obvious technique!). The bike is a step-through style.

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