Overshoes - how long would you expect them to last?

Hello all,

I bought some Giro overshoes in November and I've already had to get a refund from the retailer as they'd gone into holes on the seams.

I don't expect to need them again until the Autumn but I've just read a Castelli Diluvio C Shoecover review on this here website https://road.cc/content/review/252517-castelli-diluvio-pro-shoe-covers seemed to suggest that they wouldn't last more than one winter.
The Giro were really tight to put on and I wondered if I should have ordered a larger size than recommended so I ordered a pair of Castellis. These have arrived but they actually look smaller than the Giros, even though they are a size larger.

I'd be interested in your experience of:
a. expected life of overshoes
b. sizing



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