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New laws on dangerous cycling

Just seen this:

I can't believe this is anywhere near the top of the priority list for any government. Surely there are more important things to legislate about?

Also I hope it means real parity with people who drive cars, i.e.

1. Very little effort put into catching any perpetrators

2. A push to go for the lightest possible crime if it does go to the CPS

3. A good chance of an extremely lenient sentence, especially if you make some vague statement of regret or have any kind of rubbish defence

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chrisonabike | 1 week ago

I guess this may well pass on the back of the Criminal Justice bill.  On the face of them it's all fair and fine - sauce for the goose etc.

Just look at the bigger picture though (yes, government doesn't proceed in straight lines or consistently, we all know).

If they're as keen to get this going as e.g. they were with the review of road crime law (decade ago!), or the establishment of the Road Safety Investigation Board (2 years ago) - this will no doubt be being mentioned ironically by posters long after I'm gone.

Will it even bring relief to Mr. Briggs, or the handful of others who have personal and tragic involvement in the handful of these cases that occur?  I have no idea.  (I wish them well, as with all victims of road collisions).

Will it "make our streets safer"?  Ironic laughter - more bitter as the powers-that-be have essentially "fiddled while Rome burned" with the arrival of illegal electric motorbikes etc. and kicked the RSIB / road law review into touch.

chrisonabike | 1 week ago

You forgot:

4. But cloned tabards / but anyone could be riding my bike.  These initial quibbles may be able to stop this going to court at all.

5. I can't be expected to do anything if they wobbled and fell in front of me (AKA the "Helen Measures defence").

6. I do not recall that.  (This is pretty much a "get out of jail free" card in Scotland).

slc | 1 week ago
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As top lawyer Nick Freeman might point out, we will be able to continue to break the law with impunity, at least till IDS remembers the thing about the numberplate, registration and bingo fees

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